Alpinestars Atem One Piece Leather Suit

Anyone that has shopped for a racing suit has most likely come across the “CE-Approved” marking on individual pieces of armor like shoulder and knee protectors. Building upon this standard, Alpinestars has truly upped the ante by developing a one piece suit that is CE-approved in its entirety, and not just in specific areas. This suit is the brand new Alpinestars Atem. 

Alpinestars constructed the suit using high-grade, highly abrasion resistant 1.3mm leather with reinforcements in impact zones. Adding to the the protection provided by this sturdy base is an array of protectors that use much of the same technology found in the top of the line Race Replica suit. These include MotoGP and WSBK proven DFS (Dynamic Friction Shield) protectors cover the shoulders, knees and elbows. GP style armor is layered underneath at the elbows and knees in order to absorb major impacts to these vulnerable areas. 

The Atem offers a great deal of protection, but this is worthless if the suit doesn’t fit properly. This is why Alpinestars put a great deal of time into developing a suit that can provide a snug fit for a wider range of body sizes. One of the most obvious results of this design focus is the unique Aramidic stretch panel crossing the center of the chest. Aramid is an extremely durable synthetic material which is also used to enhance flexibility in the crotch and back of the legs. These soft stretch panels work in conjunction with leather accordion panels in the shoulders, lower back, elbows and knees in order to insure a flexible fit that conforms to the body. Alpinestars even added adjustable straps to the inside of each wrist and ankle to make doubly sure that everything stays in the proper locations during a slide or tumble. All of these features do double duty by giving a secure fit and improving comfort, but Alpinestars also gave the Atem a few new features that are there purely for rider comfort.

This suit, like most, has a removable liner. What sets this one apart is the use of a 3D mesh that allows a pocket of air to sit between you and the leather, making it extremely breathable by giving warm air a place to escape. 3D mesh is also found on the collar, wrists and ankles. The mesh collar extends all the way down to the top of the hump for airflow and more comfortable race-tuck with a helmet on. 

The Atem is a suit that, while expensive, actually offers a great deal of bang for the buck. There aren’t currently any other suits that offer this kind of high-end tech at a price near it. On top of that, we think it’s one of the best looking suits on the market!

MSRP $1499.95

The Alpinestars Atem suit, shown here in Black/White/Red. (Also available in Black/White and Black/White/Yellow.)


The back of the suit shows the MotoGP profile hump, as well as the expansion zips on each calf.


A unique Aramid stretch panel on the chest helps provide a better, more comfortable fit.


DFS (Dynamic Friction Shield) protectors, like those on the Race Replica, are found at the shoulder, knee, and elbows. The knee protectors also feature a soft grip area on the inside of each knee that enhances control.


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