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Buyer’s Guide: 10 Tips to Choosing a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

After your helmet, your motorcycle jacket can be the most important piece of riding gear. A leather jacket can be the perfect staple piece in your wardrobe, but remember that when choosing a motorcycle jacket, it isn’t just about the fashion; it’s about the safety. After all, their number one purpose is to protect you from road rash and serious bodily injuries. When it comes to your motorcycle jacket, it’s about looks and protection, so before you splurge, follow these tips to find a women’s motorcycle jacket with the perfect combination of fashion and protection:

  1. Buy new. When it comes to protective gear, new is always ideal. Previous owners may not have properly cared for the jacket, decreasing the quality and protection. So really the question is, what price would you put on your safety? You can pay a hefty price for a new motorcycle jacket, but consider its actual value: your life. You may not want to be a “label snob,” but in this case, it’s good to trust reputable brands. When it comes to your gear, quality is always worth the price.
  1. Stay visible. While you may think you look cool in your all black gear, there’s one huge problem: you’re nearly impossible to see, especially at night. High visibility while riding can actually save your life. Look for jackets with hi-vis properties that are reflective when met with headlights. Take a look for yourself, next time you are out driving look at the various bikers on the road and take notice to how much easier it is to see riders in bright or contrasting gear colors. Remember in the motorcycle world, staying safe is always fashionable.
  1. Make it fit. Just like with clothing, when gear fits you better, it looks better, but it’s not just about the looks, it’s about your safety. You want your jacket to be form fitting, so it doesn’t move around in the event of an accident. If your jacket feels a little tight at first, don’t worry, it will loosen up over time. Make sure your sleeves go all the way to your wrists and that your jacket is long enough to cover your lower back in any riding position so it offers you the best protection. Take the time to do your measurements to ensure you are purchasing the correct size, which just like your clothes, may vary among different brands. Trouble with sizing? Just give us a call at 1-866-931-6644. Our expert sales team is happy to help determine your best fit.
  1. Go with leather or textile. This is one of the most personal pieces of deciding on a motorcycle jacket. Both materials have their pros and cons, so you’ll have to determine which is best for your specific needs. Where you live can be a big factor. Textile jackets are typically more breathable and water resistant which may be better if you live in a hotter climate. However, they wear out more quickly than leather. Some jackets combine both materials to incorporate better protection, ventilation, and durability. Textile works as a perfect starter jacket, especially if you’re on a tight budget, but if you’re looking for a long-term investment with the best protection, leather is the choice for you.
  1. Look for armor protection. No need to hit the gym, your armor should bulk you right up. All jokes aside, you’ll want armor protection for your elbows, shoulders, and back. Look for armor that has a “CE rating” as it is both strong and lightweight. Most riders feel jackets don’t provide as much back armor as they prefer, in this case you can purchase a back protector that replaces the sub-par padding. If you find yourself in the majority on this point, take a look at the many back protectors offered for you by Riders Discount.
  1. Check the stitching. Just like the rest of your gear, and probably clothing, quality is everything. When you first receive your jacket, you should always look over the stitching to make sure there are no dropped stitches. If your seams bust on impact your jacket can’t properly protect you. Look for jackets that make a point to note that their seams are multi stitch, double stitched, or safety stitched for maximum tear resistance.
  1. Consider your elements. Depending on where you live and how you ride, you’re going to have personal features you want and need from your jacket. Every piece of gear you purchase should adhere to your chosen style of riding and regional weather patterns. Some jackets offer removable waterproof and cold weather liners. So think about where and how you ride. Touring vs. canyons, SoCal vs. Michigan, you’re going to need different features or liners from your jacket.
  1. Ventilate. When the sun is beaming down and you have an engine between your legs, you can trust one thing, it’s going to get hot. While textile jackets are known for better airflow, leather jackets also offer ventilated options. If you go leather, look for jackets that offer perforated panels for increased ventilation when you ride. Airflow is key, because no matter how fast or slow you choose to ride, your skin needs to breath.
  1. Check for internal pockets. As a woman, you may be used to tiny pockets that can barely fit your phone, but on your motorcycle, pockets are a necessity. You may typically throw all your prized possessions in your favorite bag that follows you wherever you go, but on your bike, your pockets are your purse. When you’re riding you’re going to need a place to store your wallet, phone, keys, and any other necessities. Internal pockets offer you the most convenient placing and are not only safer for you but they better protect your stuff as well. Some even offer the option of including an internal waterproof pocket, even if the jacket itself is not considered waterproof.
  1. Adhere to your own style. Every woman has her own personal taste and flare for fashion. If you are worried about losing your own personal sense of style in your gear, don’t be! Whether you choose leather or a textile material, there are tons different styles, colors, and designs, to fit the taste of every woman. The perfect jacket will not only protect you, but also will fit your personal preferences and display your personality as a rider.

The choice of a motorcycle jacket can take a lot of consideration, but by following these helpful tips you can make the first decision the right decision. The final decision on what’s best for you and your personal needs will always be up to you, when it doubt, just remember, a woman is always right.

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