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BMC has been recognized in the top levels of motorcycle racing at both the domestic and international stages for excellence of performance. In the USA, the Rockstar Makita Yoshimura Suzuki AMA Superbike team has used BMC filters exclusively for years. Here at, we’ve put these same filters in every single one of our racebikes for some time now. Just like top teams, we trust BMC filters to keep harmful debris out of our engines.

Before you can get the most out of your motorcycle’s engine, the first things to be done are to increase the amount of air that gets in and to make it easier for hot exhaust gases to get out. Aside from porting and polishing your engine’s cylinder head, the easiest (and least expensive) way to get better power is to install a better air filter and replace the OEM exhaust.

OEM filters are usually paper-element units built down to a price. They’re especially constrictive where airflow is considered. Some air filters are deliberately made dense to shield engine noise so the bike will pass strict emissions testing procedures. This is all well and dandy, but with limited air supply comes limited fuel supply which means reduced power output. The air filters from BMC are designed to address this fact.

BMC filters come pre-oiled straight out of the box. No messing about with fluids or sprays is required, just get into your bike’s airbox, take out the original filter, put the BMC unit in its place and you’re good to go. Measured at flow-thru rates of up to 900cfm, BMC elements offer superior performance over OEM filters. In addition to the added airflow, there’s also a significant protection factor that comes with these elements which helps engines last longer. Filters from BMC are also washable and re-usable. You’ll never have to replace your air filter again.

Each parallel-pleated cotton gauze element is sandwiched between an alloy mesh that is covered in a high-grade epoxy. This design helps otherwise flammable cotton withstand the airbox environment where petrol fumes and backfire flames would damage unprotected cotton. A low-viscosity oil is applied to the element that traps particulate matter when it attempts to pass into the motor. A soft rubber, “full-molded” frame is bonded to the filter element that positions that whole part in the airbox is often thinner and lighter than OEM.

There are three main filters available from BMC: a standard version, race version and the new Carbon Race Filter. Street filters are recommended for just that, the road – because they employ a thicker element that can withstand the variety of road debris that will always find its way into your bike’s airbox. Race filters, on the other hand, allow up to 25% more airflow over a standard street filter but are only recommended for closed-course use since they are less likely to withstand prolonged dirt buildup. Moreover, it is assumed a Race filter will have more attention paid to with the routine maintenance that comes with a track-only motorcycle. And, for those looking to obtain maximum performance, BMC Carbon Racing Filters employ a carbon fiber frame that actually increases the size of the filter element itself. This further reduces airflow resistance into the combustion chamber. For the ultimate in performance, look no further than a BMC CRF air filter.

To get the most performance out of a BMC filter, be sure to have you bike re-mapped or re-jetted to take advantage of the additional air that makes its way into your motor. More air coming in means more fuel can be added to the combustion chamber mixture. The end result is a more powerful explosion meaning more energy becomes available to get to your bike’s back wheel. With a BMC filter, you get more power with a simple installation – designed in Italy, tested and used by the fastest teams in the world and ready for your bike.

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