Riding in the Rain – Safety Tips

Risk for an accident increases during harsh weather conditions, especially when riding in the rain. Even a light shower can cause road conditions to decline. Here are some tips to help keep you safe if you run into inclement weather during your ride.


Although surprises are bound to happen, you are best off preparing for rain even before you get on your motorcycle. Investing in an anti-fog helmet and waterproof jacket will increase your safety and comfort when it rains. We recommend getting a jacket made with Gore-Tex (like the Alpinestars Tech ST pictured below) or a similar material to help wick away water. If you anticipate rain on your ride, pack your rain jacket towards the top of your bag so it is easily accessible.

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex Waterproof Textile Jacket – Click Image For More Information

Slow Down & Stop Early

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of us forget to slow down and to give ourselves extra distance when stopping in the rain. Traction can become an issue if you are going too fast or stopping/turning quickly. You also want to keep your distance from other vehicles to avoid getting sprayed with water.

Assume You’re Invisible

Have you ever noticed while driving a car in the rain that it can be difficult to see other traffic or even the lines on the road? Rain not only makes it harder for a motorcyclist to see, but also other drivers. You can help other motorists know you’re there by lightly tapping your brakes and wearing reflective or bright clothing. Find more tips on how to be visible on our post The Invisible Rider.

Know When to Take a Break

If the rain starts to impair your ability to see the road, signs, or other vehicles around you, it is best to stop and wait for it to lighten up. You do not want to make one ride be your last ride.

Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Full Face Helmet - Click Image for More Information

Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Full Face Helmet – Click Image For More Information

You are bound to run into rain at some point. Preparation and caution will help to keep you safe when it happens. Riders Discount provides a vast variety of anti-fog helmets and waterproof jackets to suit your riding needs. As always, we are here to help you make every ride the perfect (and safest) ride. Visit our website to find the right gear for you. Our expert sales team is here for you by phone 10AM-6PM ET M-F 1-866-931-6644 or email at

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