Scorpion RaceCase Helmet Case

Your helmet works hard to protect your head – why not return the favor? Most helmets come with a drawstring helmet bag that is good for keeping it dust free on a shelf, but not much else. If you’re looking to get a little more robust protection for your helmet, look no further than the Scorpion RaceCase at

The Scorpion RaceCase features a sturdy exterior shell that is tough and rigid in order to keep your helmet free of scratches and dings when it’s not on your head. This tough exterior is opened up by undoing a heavy duty zipper, which reveals a soft-lined interior that won’t add any scuffs or blemishes to the finish of your helmet.

You might worry about moisture being trapped inside if you throw your helmet into a case without letting it dry after a long ride or a day at the track, but this is not a problem with the RaceCase. The ventilated bottom allows the moist air to escape, preventing your helmet from becoming a science project between rides.

Just because this case is made by Scorpion doesn’t mean that it will only fit their helmets. We tried many different brands and sizes without any fitment issues. The interior is big enough to fit all but the largest street helmets and the soft, elastic bands at the top hold smaller helmets in place. There is even an elastic pocket on the front of the case for a spare shield.

The Scorpion RaceCase is a must have for transporting your helmet and keeping it safe between rides. You can pick yours up at by following this link: Scorpion RaceCase.

  • The center of the base is vented to allow moisture to escape
  • The Scorpion RaceCase will fit nearly every street helmet






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