Shoei GT Air Journey Helmet

Shoei GT Air Helmet

Shoei’s newest offering for 2013 is the GT-Air. This helmet was designed with the street in mind, and therefore excels in being quiet, comfortable, and feature-rich, in addition to the providing the excellent protection that Shoei is known for.

The most noticeable new feature for the GT-Air is the internal sunvisor, which is a first for a full-face, non-modular helmet for Shoei. This sunvisor is fully retractable and gives you the ability to ride in varying light conditions without worrying about packing an extra shield or stopping to put on sunglasses. A large, easily located switch on the left side of the helmet allows you to operate the visor on the fly. When retracted, the visor slides smoothly into the recess between the EPS liner and the outer shell. The outer shield is the new CNS-1 that debuted on the modular Neotec helmet. It features a larger field of vision and comes equipped with the Pinlock fog free system. The helmet also comes with a Pinlock lens, so there is nothing you need to add in order to have the best in fog prevention.

The shape of the GT-Air’s sturdy outer shell was developed through the use of extensive wind tunnel testing, and this resulted in a highly aerodynamic profile with an integrated spoiler at the back to reduce lift. A large part of the design process was focused on noise reduction without sacrificing ventilation because, generally speaking, more ventilation in a helmet equals more wind noise. This is not the case with the GT-Air. This helmet moves a lot of air around the head while remaining extremely quiet.

Inside the GT-Air, a multi-piece EPS liner uses different densities of foam to help absorb impact energy progressively. It is also channeled to allow air to flow through from the outer vents. The final layer is the 3D Max-Dry system of ultra-plush pads and lining. This fully removable system is washable and will absorb and dissipate heat much faster than standard liners. In the event of a crash being handled by emergency workers, Shoei’s EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) allows them to safely detach the cheekpads from the outside so that the helmet can be removed from the rider without putting any additional strain on an injured rider’s neck.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and quiet lid that you won’t tire of wearing on a long cruise or a short ride, we recommend considering the new Shoei GT-Air. For more information, sizing advice, or to place an order, you can give our knowledgable sales staff a call at 866.931.6644. If email is more convenient, feel free to send those to and we’ll get back to you right away!

The Shoei GT-Air is pictured here in the Journey TC-2 (White/Red/Blue) graphic.

Shoei_gt_air_journey_tc2_wht_red_blue-1Its aerodynamic features are clearly visible when viewed from the side.



Here’s a look at the internal sunvisor. Note the large switch under the left base plate for raising and lowering the visor.


The sunvisor easily retracts up into the helmet when not in use.


The GT-Air has some of the most effective ventilation available. The large vents are easy to adjust with a gloved hand and, when open, move a great deal of air very quietly.


A view from the back shows the exhaust vent that helps pull warm air out from around the head.


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