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Alpinestars Atem V3 Suit

Alpinestars Suit Guide

It seems like buying a race suit can be as difficult as buying a new bike, especially with the wide range of options available on the market and retail pricing ranging from $899.95 to $1999.95. That’s we created this Alpinestars Suit Guide! Here’s a brief summary of each suit to help you decide which suit is best […]

Alpinestars GP Pro Suit

Alpinestars GP Pro Suit

The Alpinestars GP Pro Suit is constructed from 1.3mm full-grain leather and features Kevlar-reinforced inserts. This suit was designed to integrate the new Alpinestars Tech-Air Race airbag system (sold separately). An LED display on sleeve indicates the airbag’s operational status. This suit has poly-fabric stretch panels on the underarms, crotch, calves, and knees for flexibility and comfort. It is equipped with poly-textile accordion stretch […]