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The Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 3.0 suit is available in White/Red/Black (shown) and Black.

Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 3.0 Leather Suit

Speed and Strength’s Twist of Fate line of suits has been one of the best deals in race-ready leather since the first model was introduced a few years back. Now, Speed and Strength has pulled a hat-trick with the introduction of the third and newest model, the Twist of Fate 3.0. Constructed from premium 1.2 […]


AGV Corsa Valentino Rossi Winter Test Limited Edition Helmet

The long awaited AGV Corsa has finally landed on US shores, and you can get yours from Riders Discount. Just give our sales team a call at 866.931.6644 and they’ll be happy to help! Is email more convenient? Feel free to send an email to support@ridersdiscount.com and we’ll get back to you right away! One […]

AGV GP-Tech Rossi Misano ‘12 “Boxer” Limited Edition Helmet

Valentino Rossi traditionally brings a custom helmet to his home race of Misano, and the 2012 round was no different. AGV has released this helmet, dubbed the Boxer, as a limited edition for the GP-Tech. The Aldo Drudi design depicts Rossi, who was nearing the end of his run aboard the Ducati at the time, […]

Alpinestars Atem One Piece Leather Suit

Anyone that has shopped for a racing suit has most likely come across the “CE-Approved” marking on individual pieces of armor like shoulder and knee protectors. Building upon this standard, Alpinestars has truly upped the ante by developing a one …

Alpinestars 2012 Racing Replica Suit

While Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa may be battling it out as the top three in the MotoGP championship this season, they do have one thing in common (other than their seemingly superhuman talent, that is). This common ground is that…