Held Race-EVO One Piece Kangaroo Leather Suit

Many things that come to mind when thinking of German engineering – and things like attention to detail and quality are almost always among them. German motorcycle protection specialists, Held, do not break this mold and Riders Discount is proud to be offering you their latest top of the line suit – the Race-EVO One Piece.

Held used Kangaroo leather for the main construction of the Race-Evo – about 70%. Kangaroo leather is both stronger and lighter than cowhide, which pays off in safety and comfort. Large cuts of leather were used so that fewer seams were necessary to hold it all together. Cowhide, durable synthetics, and other, more exotic materials like stingray hide make up the remaining 30% of the suit. This combination gives you the best of both worlds. The highly abrasion resistant stingray leather is found on the shoulders and sleeves. This helps them slide, rather than catch the pavement during slide. The shoulders, elbows and knees also feature an innovative type of protector. Held coated titanium in extremely hard ceramic alloy and set them as inserts in molded plastic. Titanium is tough and abrasion resistant already, but the additional ceramic coating makes them even more durable and long lasting.

Kangaroo leather is more abrasion resistant than cowhide, which means that thinner material can be used. This saves a significant amount of weight and makes it more flexible. These weight savings allowed Held to cram more protective features into the inner suit without weighing the rider down. These features include extra layers of leather in major impact zones and armor that was developed with the help of their fellow German engineers at SaS-Tec. The two companies developed a new type of shock absorbing protector that can take on extreme amounts of energy over multiple hits. Armor comes in the form of soft, pliable foam that becomes even more malleable when exposed to body heat. This allows it to conform to your body individual body shape. You can find these protectors in the shoulders, elbows, ribs, hips, tailbone and knees. The back has a SaS-Tec unit as well. It is made of a similar, conforming foam, but it is CE level 2 certified, whereas the rest are CE level 1. These features make the Race-EVO great at protecting you when it counts, but there is also another area where it shines – comfort.

Held put a lot of focus into making this suit comfortable to wear and a big part of this was making it flexible. They accomplished this through the use of a ton of stretch material, both accordion and Schoeller Kevlar. The accordion stretch panels are found in the standard lower back location, as well as running up the sides of the back. They then connect with another set at the shoulders that cuts back inward towards the hump. Schoeller Kevlar is used in areas that don’t need to withstand an impact, such as the underarms, crotch and calves. This material is soft and stretchy, but very durable. This same material extends to the cuffs of all four limbs so that they fit comfortably into your boots and gloves without binding up. At the neck, you will find that they lined the collar with a softer stretch material that will not irritate your skin or restrict head movement. A narrow strip even extends back to the hump so that you don’t have to strain at all against the leather to hold your head back when you are in a full race tuck. All of these aspects make the Race-EVO a suit that not only conforms to your body like it was custom made specifically for you, but also feels well broken in the first time you put it on.

At $1899.99, this suit is a premium product, but the features and quality that you get from Held make it well worth the money. 

  • Shown here in black/white, it can also be had in red/black/white.
  • The collar of this suit has a strip of stretch material that extends back to the hump. This greatly improves the comfort when you are in a full tuck. The hump also circulates air throughout the body of the suit.
  • Molded plastic armor with a ceramic coated titanium insert sits over the SaS-Tec shoulder armor. They are vented for additional air-flow, as are the similar guards on the knees.
  • The fully removable liner has a raised honeycomb pattern at the back to keep a layer of air between you and the suit.
  • The complete set of SaS-Tec armor removed from the Race-EVO. As you can see, they have you covered throughout the suit. The back protector is even a full coverage CE Level 2 unit that can take multiple impacts.

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